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This is the same picture as the previous one. The primary difference is that this one was processed using some instructions found on Chuck Vaughn's web page ( The previous shot was processed by trial and error in Photoshop. I tried to get the most nebulosity out of it, and I got quite a bit, but the color and overall look wasn't quite right.

I also did 2 scans with the HP Photosmart scanner. Both were at 300 dpi, but the first, I adjusted with the prescan software and the second, I didn't. Though this will take much more playing around, The results of the second scan, the one I did no preadjustments to, came out better.

Processed as this was, the colors are much more natural. Most of the nebulosity is still there, although not as obvious. This is especially true of the large, nearly round nebula on Orion's "shoulders".

Overall, I like the color balance and overall appearance of this version better.


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