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Orion taken at Arunah Hill

This was taken January 31, 1998 at the Arunah Hill observing site in Cummington, Ma. I used my Minolta SRT101 with a 50mm lens. The exposure lasted about 10 minutes. During the exposure, one of the people who was there decided to leave. His brake lights lit up the tree and colored it red. I covered the lens with my hand to prevent it from getting too washed out. I think lighting the tree up actually made the shot.

Comparing this photo to the one before (over Wilder) is a good example of the difference between a light polluted site and a dark site. The exposures were about the same length, but the scan for the previous shot had to be darkened a lot more to make it look like night and in doing so, I lost whatever nebulosity was there.


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michael regish

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