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GEM Mounted 12.5" Newtonian with 4" "Guidescope"

Since I haven't been able to take any pictures WITH my new (used) Newtonian, I thought I'd put up a picture OF it. The guidescope is not used as a guide scope at this point. There is a small amount of flexure between the two. I think I can eliminate most, if not all, of it, but right now the OAG is working great. At this point, I use the guide scope to frame shots. I align it with the main scope so that when I get the camera focussed, I can use the guidescope to center the object since I can't see it in the camera's viewfinder.

The next major improvement will be, hopefully, a permanent installation at Arunah Hill in Cummington, Ma. The mount consistently handles 60 minute exposures. I have no doubt it will be good for more. The skies in my front yard are only good for about 30 minutes or less at f6.3.

michael regish


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